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Got 10X sales within a week by reaching out to 10,000 potential clients on WhatsApp and Telegramen

SaleBot bulk sender helped me expand my network on WhatsApp, leading to a significant boost in my subscriber base.en

With SaleBot assistance, I effortlessly sent updates and promotions to my customers on WhatsApp and Telegram, driving 95% engagement and repeat purchases.en

Our Unique Features

Send bulk messages directly using WhatsApp's official Cloud API with full control over the APenen

Experience seamless navigation with our robust UI/UX design, made for effortless user interaction.enen

Send automated personalized greetings, messages, promotional offers, and updates to your target audienceenen

Set up your customized campaign with the help of AI assistant content writerenen

Simplify your campaign & chat management with our collaborative team approach. Simply invite team members by sending them an email invitation.en
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Choose the SaleBot advantage

Use SaleBot to engage your prospects through the Whatsapp business API

Better Upscale Opportunity

Scale your operations by allowing numerous users to share a single access and achieve a more efficient return on investment.

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Opens engagement Barriers

Utilize platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram to enhance engagement and achieve better response rates compared to traditional methods like email, text messaging, and in-app communication for campaigns

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Affordable pricing with zero setup fees

Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting started with us is easy! Simply join us from website , sign up for an account, follow the instructions, and start automating your WhatsApp marketing efforts right away.

Includes features for managing customer support interactions on WhatsApp, such as automated responses, routing queries to the appropriate team members, and tracking customer inquiries for efficient resolution.

Yes, we are is specifically designed to automate WhatsApp marketing efforts, making it easier for businesses to reach their target audience, send targeted messages, and manage customer interactions efficiently

This is a powerful SaaS tool designed to automate WhatsApp marketing efforts. It utilizes advanced algorithms and features to streamline marketing campaigns, manage interactions, and enhance customer engagement on the WhatsApp platform.

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